Saturday, 16 July 2011

RHCSA- Red Hat Certified System Administrator & RHCE- Red Hat Certified System Engineer

An RHCE has RHCSS-level security knowledge with specialized skills in Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Directory Server, and SELinux. They are trained for the security needs of today’s enterprise environments. To earn your RHCSS, you’ll need to earn three Certificates of Expertise.
An RHCSS has the skills to build reliable, scalable, manageable solutions. You’ll be trained to work in mission-critical datacenters using fully supported, open source technologies. To earn your RHCSS, you’ll need to earn three Certificates of Expertise.
RHCE’s interested in more training can enroll in the five Enterprise Architect courses. The RHCA curriculum teaches advanced security, as well as clustering, directory services, virtualization, and more.
To earn your RHCA, you’ll need to earn five Certificates of Expertise.
Red Hat Certifications:
  • RHCSA (Red Hat Certified System Administrator)
  • RHCE (Red Hat Certified System Engineer)
To earn your RHCA, you’ll need to earn five Certificates of Expertise.
Recommended training path:
  • Red Hat Certified System Administrator
    • Red Hat System Administration I (RH124)
    • Red Hat System Administration II (RH135) with RHCSA Exam (EX200)
  • Red Hat System Administration III (RH254) with RHCE Exam (EX300)
ABOUT BOLT India- Best of Learning Technologies Delhi

BOLT India is a Red Hat training center a blessing for students & professionals living in East Delhi, Noida & Central Delhi as earlier they had to go to South Delhi to get training & red hat certification. Professionals for Linux are in much demand these days as companies are preferring Linux over Windows, former being cheaper and less prone to attacks by Viruses. People must note down the advantages of Linux and thus they must understand why it is so much in demand now a days and why its future is brighter for large corporates. Certified professionals having Linux training are required in plenty in all the corporates but right now there are not as many of them in market so obviously the demand is high.
Linux issues Red Hat certification for professionals who get training from Linux training institute and BOLT India is one of the best and most professional with trainers who have experience in teaching as well as in working in corporate set up. For the professionals who have to bear the brunt of market a good institute with reputation and environment is a primary requirement.
However we must note down the importance of comfort and aesthetics affecting the learning and its environment.
BOLT India is Air Conditioned with state of art techniques and comfortable furniture and set up. It is very aesthetic and so it is a pleasure to sit there, spend time and learn. Trainers also are good looking and so impart appeal to mind. Trainers are themselves certified and so they know not only how to teach but also how to assist their students on getting the certification. They can also share their experiences regarding how to work and succeed in Corporate set up.


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